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Where To Stay

Where to Stay in Lithuania

Where to Stay in Lithuania

Since Lithuania gained its independence back from the Soviet Union 16 years ago and joined the European Union in 2004, its communication with other countries in the world have been put on a more global scale. During the last few years, tourism has continued to increase in the country as international communication is associated with migration. Consequently, hotels in the country have been tasked to offer accommodation to guests that could give satisfaction to their qualitative and quantitative needs. This has identified a fast development in the country’s hotel industry.

People in Lithuania have been treating their guests like royalty. Their tables are expected to have an array of dishes that exceed regular portions. This friendly hospitality and tradition can still be experienced by foreign tourists through the blend of the modern facilities and services in many hotels in Lithuania and other spots to stay whether they are in the country for leisure or business.

The capital city of Vilnius, Lithuania Kaunas, Trakai, Palanga as well as the seaport Klaipėda are among the most famous places to stay in Lithuania. Definitely, visitors can find the most number of accommodations in Vilnius, although hospitality professionals stressed that as the number of foreign tourists continue to increase, hotel businesses are making expansions to other cities and towns in Lithuania.

Vilnius is Home to Many Hotels Being the Cultural Centre

Lithuania is a Baltic state that has kept its national identify for 1,000 years. It is situated at the crossroads of the West and East and its hotels have become a great way for people to see some of its cultures. While the country is divided into distinct regions that have their own customs and dialect, Vilnius is its cultural center with many hotel rooms can be found. In this city, hotels are available from up-market to cheap including budget and middle-range accommodation. On average, single room prices can range from €30 in budget hotels to €100 in luxury hotels and €8 for triples.

Depending on the needs of guests, they can select singles, doubles, triples, business class, family, apartments or suites in Vilnius and other major cities in Lithuania. In terms of style and facility, hotels range from the less sophisticated budget hotels that feature all basic comfort needs such as satellite and pay TV, air conditioning, secure parking lots, mini-bars and safes to luxury accommodations that take pride of spacious rooms with exquisite ballrooms, vistas, casinos and heated bathroom floors. Aside from ordinary accommodation services, a lot of Lithuanian hotels have add-ons for the demanding traveler that include state of the art conference rooms, business facilities and leisure facilities such as saunas, pools, fitness rooms and spas. Here are some of the prestigious hotels in Vilnius.

  • Radisson SAS Astorija – This is the crown gem of the town attractions. This was constructed in 1901 and had full renovation in 1998. This hotel sits at a walking distance from what Vilnius has to offer for foreigners to see. Its 120 rooms have classic style decorations and modern amenities. It is home to Restaurant Brasserie Astoria where international dishes are served, as well as New Health with swimming pool, fitness room and sauna.
  • Hotel Narutis – This hotel is housed in the Middle Age architectural monument. All of its rooms look the others. The rooms were renovated at the end of 2000 being supervised by Anne Toulous, a designer and architect from France.
  • Grotthuss – This hotel provides 21 furnished rooms. Its relaxed atmosphere is combined with modern conveniences like the Internet. The Restaurant offers Italian, French, Spanish wines as well as European gourmet dishes.
  • Stikliai Hotel – This hotel is housed in a building with gothic and baroque features. It erects at the intersection of 5 lanes in the Old Town’s heart. It is close to the President’s Office, Vilnius University and the Town Hall.

Hotels in Trakai

Trakai is a historic town in Lithuania that has plenty of beautiful forested hills and lakes. A lot of tourists who come to the country would stay in budget holes in Trakai in order to have a view of the amazing Trakai Castle. There are plenty of online reservation services today that will book tourists for an accommodation in a number of hotels in Trakai. They can provide accommodation options that suit the needs travelers in terms of amenities, prices and facilities.

Available Hotels in Kaunas that Suit all Type of Travelers

Kaunas city is located in the confluence of Neris and Nemunas rivers. Aside from being a city of old traditions, it is also a huge center of industry and business. The following are some of the hotels found in the city.

  • Apple Economy Hotel – This can be found in the Kaunas Old Town are. This can accommodate up to 32 guests in its 14 double rooms.
  • Ibis Kaunas Centre Hotel – This can be found at the center of the city close to bus and railway stations and can be accessed easily to the International Kaunas Airport.
  • Europa Royale Kaunas Hotel – This is also at the center of the city closed to the popular Laisvės Avenue. The hotel’s pride is its “Šviesos nešėja” (“Light carrier”) statue.
  • Centre Hotel Nuova – This three-star hotel is the heart of Kaunas. It provides 28 comfortable rooms.

Klaipeda Hotels Bring People Closer to the Sea

Klaipeda stretches along the Curonian Lagoon and Baltic Sea. This is located on both Dane river banks. This city is the gate to the sea in Lithunia. Hotels in the city include Lugne Hotel, National Hotel, Ararat Hotel, Aribe Hotel, Euterpe Hotel, Amberton Klaipeda Hotel and Vetra Hotel.

Palanga is also Home to a Variety of Hotels

A tow in the Baltic Sea coast, Palanga offers visitors pure white sands, green pine trees, spectacular sunsets and huge wages. Those who want to travel to this Lithunian city can have themselves accommodated at hotels including Best Baltic Hotel Panga, Palanga Vetra Hotel, Vila Diemedis Hotel, Gabija Hotel, Palangaos Juze Hotel and Meduza Hotel. Accommodation in Palanga includes both cheap and luxury hotels catering to the individual needs of travelers.

Money Matters in Lithuanian Accommodations

Providers of accommodation in Lithuania who have less than 10 units and less than 100 thousand litas per year gross are not obliged to pay value added tax or VAT. This is also applicable to hotel guests. Rules of small businesses enable to pay for alternative tax. Being able to check the size of the place to stay is a good hint of the kind of accommodation a guest’s money will be spent on.